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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Becoming a member with *ON THE HOP* is easy, quick and fun with endless supply of fantastic blogs to hop your day through

  • join the top50blogs here
  • become a follower here at *ON THE HOP* and/or
  • leave a comment here at *ON THE HOP* and grab the free blinkie
  • add your free blinkies to your blogs with a link back to http://thebloghoppers.blogspot.com/
  • and have fun blog hoppin'

Once we have verified that you are linked to us, your blog will be added to BLOG ROLL here at *ON THE HOP*

(please allow 24-48 hours for updates to blogroll)

To be in the running for free advertising and blog awards is even easier

  • have the free blinkies clearly seen on your blogs
  • keep in touch with the many other blogs listed here by leaving comments on their blogs
  • become a follower on other members blogs
  • awards will only be given out and selected by the team here at *ON THE HOP*

Thankyou for joining in the fun and HAPPY BLOG HOPPIN...


  1. I am addicted to blog hopping. This is so cool!!!

  2. Love blog hopping. Actually that what I am doing now.lol!! Beautiful header and frogy.

  3. I love to blog hop its my morning ritual ...lol love the look of this blog site Nat its very catching and that frog how cute i adore him ...need to give him a name ...
    cheers Eve

  4. hey love the new blinkie, its so super cute. will be adding it for sure

  5. I'm a big blog hoppper Im joining in!!!!!

  6. I was hopping and found my way here!!

  7. Hehe i just found this.. I am adding it now :) cheers hun

  8. Oh I love this lil froggy blinkie....cutest frog I have ever seen, Can I please add him to my blog?

  9. I love blog hopping too - this is an awesome idea............will add the blinky to my blog too please?

  10. oh this is kewl darlin, you have been working hard agian havent you! Dont you ever stop? LOL
    Yep, when Im sitting here in front of this screen, Im generally bloghopping along with doing all the other stuff ROFL

  11. Count me in ,im always blog hopping and i must have that spunky little frog.

  12. I lurve to blog hop when I can, so count me in. Cute froggy too you gals have:)

  13. thanks for this Nat, love the design of the Frog and I am always Blog Hopping somewhere to find new inspiration.

    Hugs Angie xox

  14. I wanna be on the hop too!!!
    Gotta luv that frog Nat he's just soo cute...

  15. Hi I would love to be on the hop too
    Got to love that Frog!!!

  16. Oooh I'm a bit of a blog hopper myself and have already joined. So yep would love to be on the hop as well. Thanks! Chris!

  17. Okay I think I have joined - !! Such a computer dud!! Lisa

  18. Okay I think I have joined just going to add the blinkie to my blog already on the top 50.

  19. wonderful idea..bout time I put this one on my blog too me thinks!Happy bloghopping everyone!

  20. This is aweseome Nat. love blog hopping


  21. Still not on the blogroll???

  22. What fun! I added my blinkie(on my left hand column under "Fun places".

  23. This is such a great blog, and has definately made my scrappy blog hopping easier! I am grabbing my blinkie, and please add me to the blogroll :)

  24. What a fantastic idea for a blog. I love blog hopping and now I can just check in here and all the hard works already done for me.
    Im gonna add a blinkie to my blog. Please add me to the blog roll. Thanks.


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